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About The Program

Gaining access to productive work is the best way for youth to realize their aspirations, improve their living conditions and actively participate in society. BDC’s youth-focused initiatives effectively address issues related to inadequate employability skills and lack of a clear career vision and an entrepreneurial spirit. BDC seeks to design, develop and implement development initiatives that provide training and employment opportunities in order to produce a much needed cadre of productive workers, consumers, entrepreneurs and overall positive agents of change and growth.

Maharat Training and Employment

7 million USD

Initiated by the BDC and then funded by the USAID, the Maharat Program-funded Maharat Program, recruits and trains recent Jordanian graduates for internships and employment opportunities at Jordanian businesses, BDC has enriched and elevated the business knowledge and capabilities of several thousand Jordanian youth across the country. Local SMEs in turn benefit from a large-scale pool of business savvy and capable interns.

Recent Jordanian university graduates who partake in Maharat receive the opportunity to create new career paths through an extensive five week-long market responsive training in employability related skills that include: Customer Relations Management, Public Relations, Business Management Services, Marketing & Sales and Human Resources Management in addition to training in soft skills such as: Presentation Skills, Work Ethics, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Thinking and Mentoring.

The Maharat project however is not just a “training for employment purposes” initiative. It strives also to create a holistic community approach through various initiatives that include: the Book Club that encourages reading, the Future Leaders Program that enables interns to receive scholarships to study abroad and widen their horizons, the Maharat Sports Tournament that promotes healthy living and many other initiatives that integrate special needs and/or promote valuable life-long learning.

Maharat continues to garner favor and support from Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, other development agencies and the public for its intent and achievements. The following initiatives are offered under the Maharat Training and Employment Program:

Maharat Entrepreneurship, Maharat University, Maharat Future Leaders, Jordan Now, Graduate Internship Program, Youth Development Program.

Maharat Entrepreneurship: Encouraging entrepreneurial thinking

Provides the right combination of motivation, opportunity and capacity building to empower youth to compete in an increasingly competitive labor market. Through relevant business skills training, Jordanian youth are engaged in entrepreneurial activities to enable youth to shift from “job seekers” to “job creators” and become self-sufficient.

Maharat University: Providing a career head-start to university students

The Maharat University Course has been established for students enrolled in universities in order to:

  • Provide youth with soft and life skills in order to allow them realize their aspirations and guide them to choose the right career path and the right job.

  • Empower youth by strengthening their sense of responsibility in order to improve the living conditions of their families and themselves.

  • Supply the labor market with qualified youth to actively participate in their economy and society.

  • To enhance economic development in Jordan.

Maharat offers a diverse training and employment opportunities where the students acquire the needed skills and qualities to excel in the labor market.

The universities we are in:

  • Yarmouk University

  • University of Jordan

  • Princess Sumaya for Technology

  • Mutah University

  • Tafila Technical University

  • Philadelphia University

Maharat Future Leaders: Gaining experience at a top international business university

Provides youth with the unique opportunity to intern at international universities -based on availability of scholarships - in the U.S.A, Canada or the U.K. Participants will immerse themselves in a 4 month-long capacity building program delivered by highly qualified and international practitioners and help them gain international exposure and access to expand their business knowledge by networking with experienced businessmen and professionals from around the world. On completion of the internship, participants will obtain a certificate in Global Studies.

Jordan Now - 400,000 USD: Tasked by the World Bank

BDC provided 600 community college graduates with relevant and beneficial employability skills thereby raising the standards of Jordan’s labor pool.

Graduate Internship Program

150,000 USD

Targeted at Jordan’s ICT sector, and upon the request of Jordan’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, BDC provided 500 recent ICT graduates with structured training, mentoring and work experiences to help hone their skills and maximize their employability opportunities.

Youth Development Program

In cooperation with the Elia Nuqul Foundation, 60 marginalized youth from unprivileged areas received training to enhance their work skills and up their chances of finding meaningful employment.

STEPs – Skill Training for Employment Program: Funded by CIDA and managed by BDC, the program aims to provide market driven technical training support to several community college students in the field of medical equipment maintenance.

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