Inclusion Nudging Workshop
KVINFO and BDC are collaborating to work with influential companies in Jordanís private sector to improve their internal HR policies towards becoming more women-friendly, specifically focusing on recruitment, retention and reforming workplace policies while advancing womenís role towards seniority and leadership. This interactive learning session provides information on how the brain works, experience the impact of unconscious bias and behavioral drivers. The goal is to make some significant changes in the organizations who participate and alter leadership patterns with some minor modifications that promote more practical interventions for inclusion and diversity as part of doing business. Promoting practical interventions that encourage inclusiveness and have been confirmed to improve performance in organizations worldwide.
Gender Diversity Workshop
This workshop is designed to reduce barriers for female participation in the Jordanian labor market, by providing an opportunity for private sector companies to become pioneers of gender equality in their industry and in the country.
Ethics and Values Workshop
This workshop is one of latest additions to BDC. It serves to raise awareness to Social Justice issues that are quite prominent in Jordan, however are not addressed enough.  Gaining thorough insight on Social Justice ethics and values is of uttermost importance. It critically addresses such as gender, socio-economic status, privilege, ethnicity and people of color, and different identities and how to navigate them. It serves to raise awareness and educate the people in making the choices to advance equality, justice, and peace.