Tumooh is an assessment tool designed for anybody looking for a job or a performance evaluation. One way its particularly utilized is for students in their last year and recent graduates consisting of practical and scientific tests based on the 360 methodology. The program utilizes psychometric tests and a unique matchmaking methodology in order to find the best employment placement. The program is managed and run by the Business Development Center- BDC with the aim of providing companies with fresh graduates from different universities, colleges and specialties through developing their personal behavioral capabilities and practical work skills. Better equipped graduates will be linked with companies and work positions that are compatible and participants of the program will eventually increase their hiring opportunities.
The program consists of two phases:

During the first phase, BDC was responsible for providing 600 female community college graduates with employability skills training which provided job seekers with interpersonal and professional skills that employers looked for when hiring new graduates. BDC then matched the female graduates with employment opportunities through three methods; providing some with soft skills training, providing some with vouchers and providing some with training and vouchers. This tested the sustainability of each method and provided BDC with the correct approach for employment.
As for the second phase, the WB took on a different methodology with BDC by introducing psychometric tests in order to find the best employment placement for the graduates. Initially, the WB focused on community college females however, it later opened the doors for university and community college females and males. The methodology entailed that university and community college graduates take 9 psychometric tests in one day.