Green Entrepreneurship
The Green Entrepreneurship Training Programme designed by Switch Med and implemented by the Business Development Center (BDC), for green entrepreneurs, either individuals or in a group, who can start-up and develop economic projects that will create ecological and social value. 

The aim of the training programme is to provide practical training tools for implementation of the concept of a green enterprise proposed by the selected green entrepreneurs. By their participation in the training workshops, the green entrepreneurs will acquire the skills required to transfer their knowledge and the tools needed to transform their innovative idea into a green business model by validating the viability of their concepts. Likewise, those individuals taking part will develop the green business plan, which will enable them to steer the creation of their green enterprise.  In a second phase, the green entrepreneurs with the best projects will be selected and will receive advice and assistance in launching their green enterprise. 


BDC's Social Entrepreneurship Mentors
BDC has a vibrant network of women mentors who have social entrepreneurship programs that engage students and graduates in a variety of projects including:
Ethics and Health - raise awareness on ethics, health and environmental practices including composting, healthy eating and other innovative teachings such as fitness training.
Robotics - support schools to inspiring students interest in technology and invention, encouraging participation in the global network of robotics field.
Community creativity - cleaning mosques, distributing food packages and clothes collection for vulnerable communities, financial assistance for vulnerable including facilitating a graduation ceremony for the financially disadvantages, and organizing competitive community activities including a graffiti competition, a play-dough competition, sowing sessions and a small beauty salon.

Networking Events
BDC holds regular networking sessions for entrepreneurs in Jordan to help grow their business, give entrepreneurs the opportunity to make new connections, as well as, to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas with each other. As well as invite new and ambitious prospects to learn from the existing entrepreneurs. The sessions usually revolve around quintessential topics such as;
-Social Media
-Taxation and Financial Support
-Business Model Planning