Business Development Center builds the capabilities of green entrepreneurship experts

The Business Development Center "BDC" implements, in partnership with SwitchMed’s, Mediterranean Basin Initiative, funded by the European Commission and the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP / RAC), a program for training of trainers for green entrepreneurship experts from all governorates of the Kingdom in order to equip them with the necessary skills to transfer knowledge and technical skills to build an entrepreneurial project concerned with green entrepreneurship and with added value, resulting in a permanent source of income and innovative ideas for sustainable products and services that represent innovative projects.

On the basis of choosing principles and practical terms of reference, the Business Development Center selected a group of experts who have extensive experience in several fields of green entrepreneurship, and aiming to spread awareness and knowledge, it has been blended by training between technical and technical knowledge in energy, water, recycling, agriculture and technology, with the attitudes and tools required to manage an entrepreneurial project and the foundations for building these projects in scientific, systematic ways.

Green Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with SwitchMed's aims at helping entrepreneurs develop their project ideas by providing them with the skills and behavioral traits necessary to start their projects, adopting methods of green entrepreneurship, in addition to creating a supportive environment for green entrepreneurship by building the capacities of Jordanian local institutions and environmental associations on the mechanism of implementing and stimulating green entrepreneurship projects and selecting competent experts with experience in the field of entrepreneurship and technical expertise in the fields of environment, energy, recycling, water, agriculture and green technology in addition to enroll the best green entrepreneurs in a customize incubation program and open the investment doors for them.

The program also helps to create a distinct model for companies to reduce environmental impacts, either by adapting the product or service to be eco-friendly, or by creating and providing services and products that serve the environment.

The Green Entrepreneurship Project was launched towards leading green solutions for innovative projects for entrepreneurs and building the capacity of experts in green projects, which number (28) experts to transfer knowledge to young people with green entrepreneurial ideas through organizing workshops specialized in building models and developing business plans in addition to green design through an interactive electronic platform Green Web-Portal in the various governorates of the Kingdom, to acquire the skills and tools necessary to make the process of training young people with green entrepreneurial ideas succeed.

(120) green entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to join a distinguished training program, and then enter the distinctive projects into an embracing program that extends from 6-8 months. Whereas material and moral support will be provided and their networking with specialized experts to obtain applied knowledge in addition to scientific, in addition to networking with the economic system to open investment doors.

Mr. Nayef Stetieh, CEO of the Business Development Center, said, "In implementation of the visions of His Majesty King Abdullah II, which aims to support all sectors that serve Jordanian youth by coming up with green pioneering projects in the agricultural and energy sectors and other green projects that create unconventional self-employment opportunities for Jordanian youth down to products capable of competing locally and internationally, as we have endeavored to transfer this knowledge and to attract experts to provide infrastructure for Jordanian youth to implement their entrepreneurial projects.