Samar Al Rabai'a one of the beneficiaries of SANAD program

Through my experience in the Sanad program, the training methods were quite different from what we know. The evidence for this every day is different training, a different training course and a different trainer. The amount of experience and skills I learned from several different trainers in a simple and fun way was enough to give me butter for many years in a few days. It was the most beautiful training method I have ever seen in my life, where I have internalized information we have learned through dialogue and group work, as well as providing us with practical and personal skills as if we were in a real working environment. Everything we learned in the years of study enhanced technical knowledge, but we needed to refine those techniques in a practical way that is consistent with the reality of the work environment to give the opportunity we want without the fears of employers of our weaknesses.
Shortly after joining the program, Samar made an opportunity to work through the BDC Knowledge Network. She successfully passed the interview and got a job at one of the prestigious accounting firms.