Jihad Abu Sneineh

Jihad Abu Sneineh is an electric engineer who graduated from Jordan University, he recently took the ‘How to be a good entrepreneur’ course with Maharat. At first he wasn’t ready to join Empretec or take any course with us, but when he heard about this course in particular, he was immediately eager to join us because he loves this field and he knew he couldn’t find it better anywhere else. Jihad said,“It was a great experience; beyond expectations. I was reading about entrepreneurs, and I expected to perceive a lot less and learn a lot less, I was surprised about everything we learned, it was beyond expectations and I was very ecstatic about all the people that I encountered there. I gained great connections and gained experience from very intellectual people.”
After the course has ended, Jihad became energetic and was passionate to be a better and more of a hardworking person. He learned a lot about failure and how it’s essential to fail in many roads of this life to succeed in other. He was very inspired by the success stories he heard throughout the course; they were very moving and made him even more motivated to succeed and be like them. He learned that he has to change a lot about his personality to be a more easy-going person so he can cope with all situations that may face him in his work field. He mentioned that you have to be persistent, determined and focused on what you want to become and what you want to accomplish and do everything in your power to fulfill all your dreams, if you work hard you will get there. Nothing is impossible, set your goals high and your dreams higher and aim to get there and you will eventually.

When we asked about the volunteering that he did during the course; Jihad said, “While I was training, I came to realize that entrepreneurship had a great influence in the volunteering field. After a while, you start thinking how you can be a mentor to other people and how you can use your experience to help out others. Not to forget, it’s not a must that every entrepreneur wants to make profit and earn money. Sometimes it is about social work and wanting to do good to your people. The more you get involved with the community the more you understand life better and the more gratitude you receive afterwards.” 

Jihad now is a maintenance manager at ‘Quqa Group’, he said he is very happy at his position and if it weren’t for Maharat he couldn’t have found it as easy as it is now, he gained so many skills on how to deal with both customers and employees that he didn’t know before that made his job easier for him. He recommends joining any course with Maharat, because it might be a life changing experience as it was for him.