An entire world of opportunities- Ala Abu Qattam

My story with Maharat started when I read about Maharat programme few months before graduation and decided to seize the opportunity of enrolling in such one of its kind programme directly after graduation.

When I look back to such an experience with a very positive eye. This programme equipped me with a valuable experience in the beginning of my professional journey. Before I joined I knew that Maharat will help me to find a job but I didnt expect that it will also make me more confident and knowledgeable.

Being free of charge was really amazing since definitely I would not have been able to afford such a cost at the beginning of my professional life. The fact that Maharat is free of charge but still manages to bring in such a high caliber of trainers is one of the reasons it stands out between other development initiatives targeted at youth.

Maharat helped polish my personality; helped me having a closer look at my various skills to the aim of developing my strengths and seriously addressing my points of weakness.

Prior to Maharat, I never seemed to be confident of the role I wanted to play in my career. Discovering that I was a CD type of personality during one of the training sessions; the picture became much clearer to me that I wanted to be in a position where I could influence and achieve. I attribute the successes of today to that valuable moment of realization.

In addition to all that Maharat has certainly helped me adopt a more professional attitude which supports me in establishing long-lasting relationships and making more friends from those who I deal with inside and outside my work atmosphere.

Now, I am working in the development field leading on projects which are aimed at changing lives of many people to the better and assist emerging talents to reach their desired destinations. I have always in the back of my mind the willingness and desire to be in a position one day to mentor and influence the lives of many young individuals in the same way Maharat influenced mine.

After all I apply and adore the new life concepts I have adopted with Maharat as Im feeling more professional and career oriented.

I will always spread the word about this valuable program among my friends and employers.

And thank you Maharat for shaping my personality and giving me a very beneficial induction to todays world of business. Maharat introduced me to a wide range of sectors and exposed me to many valuable sources of expertise in Jordan today.

I totally believe that every experience plays a major role in the overall achievement of a person; definitely Maharat will always play a very positive role in mine.

Recently I joined the British Council in 2008 as a Projects Officer. Before, I worked for Bank of Jordan as an HR Officer for a short period of time then as a part-timer in the British Council.

Currently, I am the Education and Arts Project Manager with the Operations team in the British Council. I am managing local relationship building and large scale projects in the field of Higher Education and Arts. I am also the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Country Coordinator in the British Council-Jordan.