Suleiman Al Tayyeb

Maharat the training for employment program started in 2006. It is a capacity building, non for profit USAID funded program. The need rose for such a program to equip the freshly graduates of Jordanian universities with life skills, Employability and Career path skills. Maharat is the one of its kind that focuses on train youth for employment and being affective in the work place. Bridging the increasing gap between theories a student gains in school and university and the practical skills an employee needs in order to swim instead of drowning in the first employment experience a fresh graduate takes on.

Suleiman Abu Ayyb graduated from Al Al-Bayt University with a Bachelor degree of Businesses Administration.

As many of Jordanian young individuals, who recently graduated from university, Suleiman Lacked experience! He knew, such as the rest of his friends, that he needed to develop special employability skills in order to convince a business owner to employ him while he is still a fresh graduate with zero experience!

When I thought of joining Maharat program I was mainly thinking of the amount of money I have to pay, and to be honest as a fresh graduate I didnt have enough financial resources at that time. I was surprised that the program was free of charge; all I had to do was showing up, developing my skills and joining an environment full of youthful activities. I thought what a unique chance to improve my skills and experience how it is to be an effective member in society through the voluntary work Maharat encouraged me to do!

It was the first time I voluntarily read a book and presented it in front of my friends and family. I felt so special and productive!

When I joined Maharat I knew what it feels to become a part of this one big family! The experience really exceeded my expectations! The difference I touched in my personality was great, my friends and family touched it as well. I became more mature, responsible and qualified!

Maharat engaged me in many social and youthful activities and voluntary work that made me feel blessed for having a family and friends, unlike many unfortunates in this life. I felt appreciative of everything I had!

On the interpersonal level, I became more sociable and I realized the importance of networking with people of all backgrounds. Now I can say that I gained the skill of making new friends of these young mates who started their steps towards success like me here at Maharat. We all started as job seekers, fresh graduates, unaware of our real potentials and abilities! Now I have 29 brothers and sisters of Maharat graduates who help me everyday facing all ups and downs of life!

Things become even more amazing with the full service provided by Maharat program. They didnt only introduce us to a group of amazing trainers and mentors but they introduced us to the Jordanian market as qualified fresh graduates. This trust the program has given us obliged us for success. We couldnt let them down! We had to succeed and reflect the image of Maharat!

Maharat gave me self-confidence especially in my career life, I am proud to introduce myself as a Maharat graduate to any employer and instantly they would know what Maharat is! I am more confident when expressing and presenting my thoughts and when negotiating for what I want

I strongly recommend Maharat program for every young Jordanian to benefit from Maharat in our beloved country Jordan!

Thank you Maharat for being there when we needed you the most!!

Suleiman Al Tayyeb