Yousef Hammad

Maharat the training for employment program started in 2006. It is a capacity building program where the need raised for such programs to equip the freshly graduates of Jordanian universities with life skills, Employability and Career path skills. Maharat is the one of its kind that focuses on train youth for employment and being affective in the work place. Bridging the increasing gap between theories a student gains in school and university and the practical skills an employee needs in order to swim instead of drowning in the first employment experience a fresh graduate takes on.

Maharat is a program with a predetermined length of five weeks; enough period of time to educate an intern towards his/her first steps of success.

Yousef Hammad studied Industrial Engineering interested in sports, Technology and Social Activities. As a motivated young man he has a Nobel objective in life: on top of being successful and helping people around, he is interested in creating a legacy that would benefit people on the long term.

“My personal belief is that academic achievements alone are not enough! Social and soft skills are as important as education. The high reputation of Maharat programs encouraged me to join the course. I also believe that the more extracurricular activities an individual achieves, the more he/she learn.”

“The Maharat experience as I call it was an “eye opening” exciting experience that I would remember and mention for the rest of my life! I did expect something different in Maharat, but what I actually lived was highly professional and satisfying to the furthest extents.

With the increasing unemployment rates in Jordan, Yousef expressed his thoughts:

“Every students dream and goal, as I believe, is to find a satisfying job right after graduation. A lot of dreams and goals can be shattered the moment of graduation! When you step out of university and start your “battle” in real life, this could be devastating and can break a lot of a person’s belief! Once you realize things are not as easy and smooth as you thought they would be.”

“So basically I did expect to find an opportunity (being a dreamer and an over achiever) , but like most of my generation having graduated in the middle of the economic crisis, real life was as shocking as any dream-crashing shock can be.”

“Personally speaking, I would have been able to pay the money to get a training that would prepare me to the real life, but as most of us would do, sadly, we would rather spend 2000$ on something else that would be classified in the category of “fun”.

This mere fact would have denied me from meeting people from different educational backgrounds, an experience of a life time, and possibly many job opportunities.

“What I, or as a group lets say we, loved about Maharat is the way it made it discover facts about ourselves, weaknesses to be worked on, and strengths to be highlighted.

As for my own experience, I discovered that I had a good way in dealing and communicating with people, I can deliver public speeches that actually draw attention, and I can function well in group/team work. This encouraged me to pursue a job that will benefit from these abilities.”

“As an engineer; numbers, machines, facts and figures are all that mattered during my academic studies, Maharat helped me and others focus on the other aspects of business, such as Customer Care.”

“Before Maharat I had no idea what the real work life was like! I would have definitely failed a number of interviews before realizing what Maharat helped me to realize.

Bottom line, Maharat prepares you for work, period.”

“When it comes to Maharat graduates, interpersonal skills are always better shaped than most people. As for friends, with Maharat I made at least 20 new friends that I keep in touch and care for until now.

“Maharat is all about life concept, soft skills, and developing people, by helping them use what they already have to achieve and fulfill their dreams.

In terms of giving back to community, Yousef adds: “No doubt about it, in Maharat community service is a must, although at first most of us weren’t so happy about it, doing community service and giving back to community was one of the most amazing experiences that I never saw coming, sadly community service as a concept is missing in our society, I hope Maharat continues to awaken that awareness in people.”

On professionalism and career orientation, he adds:

“Yes, our Maharat trainers were all very successful individuals who inspired, motivated us, and actually gave us hopes of success and greatness.

“I already did recommend Maharat to everyone I know, in my opinion, Maharat should become a requirement course for any job. The experience opened my eyes to my own abilities, encouraged me, and actually made me consider options and paths I long ago discarded.”

“Through the connections I made with Maharat trainers, I had more than four successful interviews that ended with an offer; I even had the pleasure to be offered a job at Maharat.

We have a successful family business, and I didn’t want to get involved in it after graduation, I wanted to make my own way. But Maharat helped me realize that I can use my skills to make my own way within the family business, using the skills I learned in Maharat to make a better business out of our own.

“After learning so much about customer care, and life skills, I came with a new concept to our business, "Marketing and Sales are two different things".

I am now happily and successfully, the Marketing Manager in Central Press, lifting the business from the traditional way of selling, to new ways and methods in marketing, that are making business work as never before.

If it weren’t for Maharat, I would have never taken this step, our family business would have never seen and experienced new concepts, and most of all, as an engineer, I would have never considered working in marketing, the thing that I found myself thriving in, and now, I actually can never see myself working in any other field than marketing

Job: Marketing Manager
Company: Central Press
How I got the job: I know this is no what most Maharat people want to hear, but I work in our family business.