Mr. Raed Samara

On behalf of the Irbid Chamber of Industry, I would like to extend to the Business Development Center our most sincere appreciation of  your cooperation and contribution to the economic development efforts in Irbid. The programs that the BDC has provided to small and medium sized enterprises SMEs and Jordanian youth in Irbid are indispensible to their development and ability to excel.
The wide range of economic development solutions you offer certainly positions the BDC as one of the ideal partners in the private sector to join efforts with. We are very pleased with the accomplishments we have achieved together with local SMEs and youth. We have witnessed how these programs have helped SMEs to increase their competiveness and capacities, In addition, the employment and capacity building programs BDC provides have presented the local community with real solutions to challenges they face in the labor market.

The results we have accomplished together reinforce our partnership, thank you for your cooperation and I trust that our collaboration will continue to yield fruitful results.