Mr. Thomas Gibson Founder

"It's an excellent conference that has done particularly well in covering all aspects of SME finance. I have spoken in [other] SME conferences, but this is the one conference that managed to fully cover all the elements of SME finance. I hope there will be a second conference because SMEs are still having a hard time to have their voice heard. The difficulty which this conference encounters is that among all speakers & participants when using the term "SME" we refer to a wide spectrum of businesses In my experience there is a big difference in using the term definition. A true SME, entrepreneur is building a business which at some point they view in sales & revenues in millions in a number of years. While micro enterprises are those which improve the living conditions of some of the family members behind them. Hence, there is a big importance to define where an SME stands more closely and focusing on the kind of business which can grow from SME to large companies. I have been investing equity in SMEs for 20 years now, which is riskier than making loans. However, I have found that SMEs can be very credible when they feel that their financial partners are being fair to them especially when it comes to levels of taxation and competition from larger companies are fair."