One of BDCs previous projects the USAID funded Tatweer Project Boosts Factory's Growth

What once started as a small workshop with 3 employees in 2002, is now one of the most successful small factories in Jordan with 32 employees and more than a 100 products.

Yasmeen Joined Atlas Medical Factory in 2004 working as a production officer. Today she is the Quality Control Manager heading a department of 3 employees.

The constant and continious growth achieved by Atlas Medical Factory with the help and support of the USAID funded Tatweer Project enabled Yasmeen to enjoy a great level of independence and gain a substantial experience in her field making her one of the pioneer females in her age group in Jordan.

"With all the expansion Atlas witnessed in the past couple of years I have been introduced to new cultures as I deal with different customers. Before, I was shy and reserved but now I can proudly say I am outgoing & confident. Moreover, I received significant raises throughout the 3 years which enabled me to earn a driving license and buy a car, hence becomeeven more independent and enjoy a better quality life".

Yasmeen applies 100% QC procedures throughout the production process

One and a half year ago, the USAID funded Tatweer Project started its interventions with Atlas Medical which were initiated by a thorough diagnostic visit to their facilities.

It was evident from the results of the diagnostic report that Atlas Medical needed to develop a strategic business plan to set a new strategy and objectives in order to effectively manage its growth.

Once this plan was developed a need for export plans emerged. Once again, Tatweer intervened and provided the services needed to help Atlas Medical penetrate new markets.

Atlas Medicals staff received capacity building services to include export marketing, management and sector -specific trainings.

These export plans highlighted several potential markets to penetrate in the EU and the Far East.

Accordingly, Tatweer assisted Atlas Medical to participate in specialized trade shows such as MEDICA the World Forum and Trade Fair for Medicine in Dsseldorf, Germany and the HOSPIMedica Asia in Singapore as well as the Arab Health Show in Dubai.

The assistance has resulted in generating on-show business and assigning distributors in new markets such as Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand.

The growth achieved by Atlas Medical has positively affected the working conditions of its employees. Atlas premises were completely refurbished and new networking and air conditioning systems were installed.

The factory is now capable of providing free transportation from and to its facilities which is proving to add a good level of convenience and savings for the workers.

With USAID funded Tatweer Projects assistance, Atlas expanded significantly and managed to sustain an incremental financial growth which enabled the factory to retain the job opportunities it offers and continusely increase them.

Atlas Medical Factorys sales increased by 94% from 2004 to 2006 and the exports increased by 50% for the same period. Employment also increased by 100% during the past three years.

70% of the factory's workforce is females and 75% of the managerial positions are also occupied by women who depend on these jobs to support themselves and their families.

Mr. Raed Shadfan, General Manager of Atlas Medical, stated that women have proved to be very successful and productive and he believes that their contribution has effectively improved the performance of the factory throughout the years.

Mr. Shadfans commitment, vision and motivating leadership has empowered his employees to seize their potentials and excel in their fields.

The stability of the working conditions in Atlas Medical gives me a high sense of job security; I dont have to worry neither about my career nor about earning a living said Yasmeen.