Labour Market Assessment
Work Opportunities for Jordanian and Syrian
Refugee Women in Jordan


BDC conducts annual labour market assessments. This report is capturing findings and recommendations based on the demand for boosting work opportunities for women in Jordan, of both Jordanian and Syrian nationality. The research and findings fall under the BDC mandate for evidence-based projects development. Conclusions and responding interventions also contributes to the Jordan National HRD Strategy, Jordan Economic Growth Plan, and Jordan Compact. In this research paper, findings from two surveys have been combined for the benefit of better understanding employment and income generating opportunities for women (Jordanian and Syrian refugees) in Deir Alaa, Azraq, Ajloun, Jerash and East Amman.
BDC team conducted a labour market assessment June – August 2017 to understand the current situation in Jordan for women willing to work but unable to gain access to jobs or economic participation. BDC evaluated different workforce segments open for Jordanians and Syrian refugees and the opportunities for work in specific governorates. BDC office was used during the research to disseminate surveys and collect information. BDC also conducted a survey of Zarqa and Mafraq community in April 2017 as a result of the UNDP supported Vocational Hands-on Skills Exchange Programme to review cross sectoral challenges and sector-specific challenges to work for Jordanians in the vocational sphere. 100 unemployed Jordanian women (50%) and men (50%), aged between 18-40 years were interviewed.