o Youth Empowerment
Every day, young people are painting Jordan’s landscape in five, ten years’ time. Innovating and growing a healthy economy rests with supporting Jordan’s youth and this is why BDC is fiercely dedicated to building employment and education capacities and growing young talent.
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o Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Starting a business from scratch is a mountainous achievement. BDC assists entrepreneurs, creators and innovators to start launch and accelerate their enterprises as they enter a world of programs and initiatives.
o Women at Work
Giving fair opportunities to men and women is the first step to breaking down inequality in society and work. Starting with Jordan, BDC builds and delivers initiatives that empower, represent and incorporate positive gender shifts into mainstream practices.
o Enhancing Local Business
When a local business performs well, we all feel the benefits. BDC is harnessing the smartest tools and resources designed to advance the capacities of small, medium and large enterprises in Jordan.
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o Community Enterprise
Imagine if every member of the community was a decision-maker. BDC is working to enable such a reality in Jordan, where local values, development and economic change are intimately related.
o Policy Research and Analysis
Finding that real solution behind current issues is the groundwork of research and analysis in Jordan. BDC invites more public private discussion, knowing that public sector commitment and positive and participatory ecosystems come hand in hand.
o Training Department
BDC has an incredible and ever growing group of trainers, facilitators and consultants – they are the backbone to every successful program and continue to influence how BDC evolves as a leading development organization.
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