Addressing both the constraints and the strengths inherent in helping youth realize their full potential, in 2004 the Maharat Training for Employment Program was born. Through a blend of effective market-responsive and holistic initiatives, Maharat developed a program that gives Jordanian youth the ideal tools and equips them with the skills required to become productive members of society. Capable of obtaining jobs as well as becoming successful entrepreneurs hence improving their quality of life, also contributing to society and positively affecting the country’s GDP. By focusing on our youth, our society thrives more and becomes more self-sufficient.
Over the past ten years, the Maharat program has been continuously adapted to fit labour market needs. Through market information analyses and assessments of labour market needs, three different Maharat pillars were created:
Maharat Employability
The Maharat Youth Employability program has been designed with the aim of bridging the gap between the recent graduates from universities and the labour market. The program targets recent graduates that have completed their degree and it follows a unique methodology. Recent Jordanian university graduates who partake in Maharat receive the opportunity to create new career paths through an extensive five week-long market responsive training in employability related skills that include: Customer Relations Management, Public Relations, Business Management Services, Marketing & Sales and Human Resources Management in addition to training in soft skills such as: Presentation Skills, Work Ethics, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Thinking and Mentoring
Maharat Entrepreneurship
Maharat provides an entrepreneurial training program to encourage youth to become self- sufficient entrepreneurs through a customized capacity building program. We believe that entrepreneurship is vital because it turns youth to become “ job creators” instead of “ job seekers” where not only do they find a job but they also have the ability to generate job opportunities, therefore self-employability is a major theme this training focuses on.
Maharat University
In partnership with universities and colleges around Jordan, Maharat launched "Maharat Universities" (part of the Maharat Employability program) as a three-hour accredited undergraduate elective course and it focuses on soft skills and life skills that develop the students’ capacities in preparation for the labor market. The course is taught using the Maharat methodology, "Learning by Doing” and is conducted within an interactive business-like environment, providing the practical skills necessary for fresh graduates to land successful careers. 
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