One of our longstanding pillars is social cohesion in Jordan. Over the years, Jordan has amassed a huge number of refugees from all over the region due to political unrest, most of these refugees lack the proper education and training to assimilate into the Jordanian society. Another factor is the huge disparity between Amman, the capital, and the rest of the governorates in Jordan when it comes to education and opportunity. The BDC hence, has is offering life skills and trainings for both the refugees as well as the Jordanian population, aiming to increase social cohesion in host communities. 
BDC has been working in Mafraq, Ma’an, Zarqa and Irbid to generate employability and entrepreneurship solutions. BDC has also been working with Host Communities since 4 years. With offices in Irbid and Zarqa BDC has the capacity to apply its programs to include Syrian refugees as beneficiaries and partners and is currently engaging with international organizations to contribute its expertise development and humanitarian solutions for hosting Syrian refugees in Jordan.
-Employability & Empowerment Program builds the life skills and employability of Jordanian and Syrian students and graduates to prepare them for entering the workforce. BDC has a number of modules that can be included into the program to ensure community empowerment and social cohesion is an objective of the program, in line with host community needs.
-Vocational Entrepreneurship program at BDC has successfully implemented a women entrepreneurship workshop for 160 women entrepreneurs in 9 villages in Madaba. BDC is looking to empower Jordanian and Syrian women and men as trainers, mentors and facilitators in developing diverse and innovative product lines, to support local economic development and in response to municipality needs. Additionally, this program "reserves a seat" in markets for women business owners and creates backward linkages.  
-SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurship Program is ideal for responding to water sanitation, energy and healthcare project demands at the community level. The program has the capacity to produce green entrepreneurs within the host community for Jordanian nationals and Syrian refugees to build group community projects using the green entrepreneurship business model methodology. 
-Entrepreneurship Technology Workshop (ETW) - in correspondence with the decision for Jordan to support Syrian refugees working in Jordan, ETW equips Syrian refugees and Jordanian nationals with entrepreneurship competencies to prepare participants for self-employment.
-Maharat Volunteers - BDC has a large alumni of Jordanian youth leaders who volunteer as part of Maharat Community, running mini projects and activities in their local communities