Central to BDCís aim of economic empowerment for all Jordanians is its ability to expand its efforts beyond Jordanís capital. To consolidate the importance of reaching and benefiting a wider berth of Jordanian society, six public/private partnership offices were established in the middle, northern, and southern regions of the Kingdom in order to provide services and training programs for SMEs, youth, women, public institutions and the local community.

BDC has teamed up with the Jordanian government, directly and through designated agencies and ministries, to bring about positive change by being demand-responsive to the public sectorís knowledge and capacity building needs. Result-oriented services are therefore constantly being designed and implemented to enhance the skill-set and competency development of the public sector. To maximize BDCís cross-country service provision more than 23 training venues were created.

As part of its successful partnership with the GoJ, BDC has successfully provided technical know-how training and support to the Irbid and Zarqa Chambers of Industry and to the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority. Furthermore, and in recognition of the vital role that youth play in Jordanís future, BDC has partnered with several public universities to deliver effective and accredited business related training courses.

The following is merely a glimpse into BDCís coverage and public sector support:

Amman - capital city:

More than 1,500 youth, SMEs, business women, middle management, entrepreneurs and others have been serviced annually by BDC.

Irbid - northern region:

Two training centers in Irbid; one in the Yarmouk University that delivers targeted quality training to the students of the university and for Irbidís community. The second, is part of the Irbid Chamber of Industry whereby BDC provides customized training for business owners and communities in the north of Jordan.

Aqaba - southern region and Jordanís only port city:

BDC manages the largest training center in Aqaba, and the only of its kind in Jordan, to serve the local community. In cooperation with the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, demand driven business and administrative capacity building programs are delivered.

Zarka - southern region:

In cooperation with the Zarqa Chamber of Industry, BDC has created the largest training center in Zarka in order to provide business and administrative capacity building training to its members and to the local community.

Maan - southern region:

BDCís training center in Maan at the King Hussien Bin Talal University focuses on delivering quality training to the students of the University and the communities in the southern region of Jordan.


BDCís training center in Mafraq at Al Al-Bayt University focuses on delivering training to the students of the University and to the neighboring communities.